Food Brands
The stationer seeks to inspire and excite the imaginationof food lovers with a quality of Authentic Greek, French, Swiss and Spanish food.

TSG seeks to inspire and excite the imagination of food lovers with a quality of Authentic products coming from France, Switzerland, Greece and some other countries.

Our range of Greek yogurt, compotes, frozen meat, Dips, Cheese, Feta cheese, Olives, olive oil, mineral water and ready meal. From our brands, Kolios, Ifantis, Heidi, Charles & Alice, Lelia, Esti,  Amvrosia, Tsanos brings to you a genuine cuisine and taste of monumental heritage of Mediterranean and European and world cuisine.

Our Brands are available at all leading Hypermarkets and fine food shops across the UAE. In addition, we are developing private labels, with our food partners, for couples of retailers without any compromise on the quality.

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The stationer is the distributor of couples of leading brands: Oxford, Canson, Viquel, Pebeo Elba, Ambar and Pierre Henry for the entire region.
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